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To My Colleagues at RMS...

The transition to my next challenge...

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I had a great time working at RMS, and together we achieved major accomplishments. We transformed the entire RMS(one) project to a new Big Data technology stack, retooled the dev team, and delivered on a very solid architecture. With these achievements RMS(one) is now positioned for successful delivery, and of that I am very proud -- and you should be too. I am confident that the RMS executive team will guide the company forward toward success, using RMS(one) as the basis for the future of the company for many years to come.

My guiding principle has always been to help -- to help each of you when you needed it, to help by guiding the product architecture, to help ensure everyone understood the game plan and technology, to help the team get the work done, to help customers, and ultimately to help the company succeed. I believe I accomplished that, and in the process, I had the privilege of knowing and working closely with many great people. This principle is what drives me most — doing what I can to make a positive impact in any position I hold.

Now that the foundational work is done and you as a team are on the path to successful delivery, it was time for me to move on to new challenges. I have several exciting new opportunities, and over the coming months I’m sure you will hear more. My biggest problem will be deciding which opportunities to pursue — again with a focus on where I can achieve the most positive impact leveraging my experience, expertise and passion for innovative technology.

I expect to see big things with RMS(one), I know each of you will do your part and deliver.

If you need anything from me please feel free to reach out: