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    A serial entrepreneur and innovator, founder of several startups, turnaround executive and Big Data technologist.

    For my entire career I have focused on technology innovation, building companies, and working in challenging turnaround situations. Although my main expertise is software, specializing in data and Big Data technologies, I have branched out into new hobby areas including advanced lighting design and natural health-related products. My appetite for learning and exploring new things is my real love — I am always intent on taking on the next new challenge, something stimulating, interesting and that contributes value and benefit to those around me.


    In business I have enjoyed an extensive career, including 6 startups, 5 successful software acquisitions, a company turnaround, and a successful pivot when presented with a major software project failure I was asked to help with. I have done every key job in a software venture, most recently serving as CTO in the world's largest Catastrophe Modeling firm.

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    I was recently featured in Technology Innovators based on our success at reThought Insurance. I am so fortunate to work with a terrific team, they make it all possible. I hope you find it interesting. https://www.technology-innovators.com/rethought-insurance/  
    For any of you who know me, I spend a lot (really a lot) of time on the phone. I use my mobile device almost exclusively, and often am on the road. I really like listening to music, especially while running, traveling (which I also do a lot) or working out. Frequently I have calls when I am on...
    2016年12月11日 · Cory Isaacson
    With the recent election, there has been a lot of talk about illegal immigration, especially from Latin America. The idea of building a "wall" seems highly impractical and for sure will upset many people, so I was thinking of perhaps a better way to address the issue. I wrote the letter below to...
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